Open Door Events 

Each term, parents have the opportunity to 'Look in and Learn' with their children in their classrooms.  This usually coincides with the children's PLP and work going home.   

Science and Engineering Week 

The whole school take part in Science and Engineering Week each year.    This year our Science and Engineering Week runs from the  8 to 18 March 2019.  The children take part in a range of activities on a theme throughout the week.  The children then showcase their learning at a Science Centre Open Day when our hall is transformed into a Science Centre. Parents pop in during the day and the children share their learning with them. Our parents, who work in Science, Maths, Engineering and Technology also come into school and share their expertise with the pupils.    

World of Work Week 

Our parents support our annual World of Work Week by coming along to run workshops or sharing their jobs with the children.  Parents take part in our 'speed date' format or talk to classes or stages.